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Jordan’s Story

Jordan is a 31-year-old who identifies as non-binary. Jordan uses they/them pronouns. Jordan accessed crisis family violence services after experiencing years of emotional, verbal and physical abuse from their partner. Jordan faced several barriers to accessing refuge including their own fear, uncertainty, limited knowledge about services as well as service exclusion and discrimination based on gender identity. Jordan feared that they would not be eligible for secure refuge as most services seemed to only offer support to CIS women and their children. Jordan finally gained the courage to reach out for support by contacting Safe Steps. Safe Steps referred Jordan to Refuge Victoria and Jordan was accepted into refuge.

Jordan was concerned about the refuge and how staff would respond to them when they arrived. Staff ensured they were inclusive in their approach to Jordan as they are aware of the unique challenges faced by people of the LGBTIQAP+ community. Jordan settled in quickly at refuge and was able to safely connect with other residents onsite. Staff made sure to engage Jordan’s existing care team and referred them to appropriate LGBTIQAP+ supports. Staff assisted Jordan to make safe connections with family and engage in family violence counselling. Jordan was linked into legal support services and successfully applied for an intervention order. Jordan stated that they feel less isolated and significantly safer in the community since being with Refuge Victoria. Jordan is now connected to support groups and a mentoring program.

Jordan’s risk of family violence has significantly reduced since being with Refuge Victoria and they are now protected by a full three-year intervention order. Jordan is looking for share accommodation and looks forward to living independently.