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Clients are referred to our service by Safe Steps – Victoria’s state-wide refuge referral service.

For all our clients, we first settle them into their accommodation, provide emergency food and clothing and begin to work with them to enhance their safety and wellbeing. We conduct risk assessments to properly assess the risk of family violence and, with our clients we create their individual safety plans.

Every client’s pathway to safety and wellbeing is unique. 

Our staff work with each client to form their individual plans to a safer and better life. We work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals. These goals may include urgent Centrelink payments, family violence counselling, legal support, and housing.

Each child at Refuge Victoria is a client in their own right.  We have Specialist Children’s and Young People’s Practitioners who work with children and young people to address their safety and needs. Continuing their education, counselling support and time to play may all form part of a child’s individual plan.

Our support is 24/7 and all our workers are highly skilled with expertise in family violence.