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Warmth that comes from the heart

She was a little girl who, with her mother, had fled a violent home with just the clothes on their backs, but when she was handed a colourful handmade quilt featuring panels of brightly coloured owls (her favourite animal!) it became clear that this was a gift that would be treasured forever.

Another child in refuge, a shy pre-school boy, was given a quilt and immediately ran off to snuggle up with it on the couch.

When BJ Quilters dropped off a pile of gorgeous handmade quilts for families in refuge this month, we were overwhelmed by such an act of generosity – and it soon became clear from the reactions of those receiving them that the warmth the quilts provide go way beyond the physical.

Each quilt lovingly made by BJ Quilters takes hours to create and are made from a mix of vintage prints and high-quality new fabrics. The designs are intricate and craftsmanship flawless.

For many of the women in refuge, being gifted a quilt is an act of unconditional kindness that has been missing from their lives for sometimes years. It tells her that she is loved; but it also tells her she is deserving of something quite special.

For children, who may have left their favourite toy or friendly teddy behind, a bright, colourful quilt provides comfort and security.

Each quilt made by a BJ Quilter is a work of art and we thank BJ Quilters for their kindness and the warmth their beautiful quilts bring to our families in refuge.