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Toothpaste, pillows, pads and community 

They arrive in boxes, bags and backpacks, unpacked from vans and family cars. Yet, while the contents are all very different, these deliveries have one thing in common: they are donated by members of the community who believe every person deserves respect, dignity, and a life free from violence. 

Throughout the year, Refuge Victoria receives donations from individuals, families, businesses and community groups. Many are the result of generous financial donations; others are hand-made, representing countless hours of work by their creators. 

Many of the individuals and organisations who donate to Refuge Victoria have been doing so for years. Quietly, humbly, and seeking nothing in return, their impact on families staying in refuge is immense. They’d never ask for it, but we think these particular organisations deserve a big shout-out. 

Bags of Love 

These bright red bags have been a feature in refuge for several years. Bags of Love is a project run by Impact for Women, which provides every woman entering refuge with essentials such as toiletries, and personal care items, edible treats such as chocolates, something personal like a photo album to start to create new memories, and sometimes a craft project or jigsaw puzzle. 

The sight of these Bags of Love always brings a smile to the faces of refuge staff, not just because they are bright and packed with much-needed items, but because we know just how much they are appreciated by families in refuge. 

Bed linen and blankets 

Every person who enters refuge gets given a brand new set of bed linen, which they can take with them when they leave refuge. With Refuge Victoria operating three core and cluster facilities, 15 refuge accommodation properties, and 35 transitional homes, that’s a lot of bed linen! 

We’re able to give every client a new set of bed linen thanks to the very generous donations from Sleep Safe and Next Steps. Often these two organisations provide us with enough bedding for all three refuge sites and crisis properties. That’s around 100 beds each night! 

Tampons and sanitary items 

Period poverty is very real to many women escaping family violence, and Share the Dignity believes that periods shouldn’t be another burden they have to deal with. 

Share the Dignity makes sure that women and girls in refuge are never forced to choose between buying food to eat or buying expensive sanitary items to get through their periods. 

Women and girls are provided with packets of pads and tampons, as well as essential-filled handbags, thanks to the generosity of Share the Dignity. 

Bed linen, personal care items, household items: these are all essentials that help families escaping violence during their stay at refuge and in rebuilding their lives when they leave.  

Yet importantly, all these donations free up funding that allows Refuge Victoria to deliver a wide range of essential services to our clients. 

This is our community. If your business is interested in fundraising for Refuge Victoria or making a donation, we’d love to hear from you. You can make a donation here or drop us a line at