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This is what 200 hand-knitted chicks sitting atop chocolate eggs looks like.

It’s a sight that stays in your memory – but not as much as the memories of the chicks being so enthusiastically and happily welcomed by children spending Easter in refuge.

The amazing volunteers at Knitting for the Needy created these 200 gorgeous Easter chicks and chocolate eggs to spread some much-needed cheer to the families in refuge.

At special times like Christmas and Easter, the reality of escaping family violence can hit children especially hard. It’s difficult to see advertisements showing loving, generous families enjoying Easter, when your own family experience is punctuated by pain and violence. It can be hard for kids to see their friends enjoying their hauls of Easter eggs, when they fear the Easter Bunny won’t know where to find them.

Yet, donations from strangers go a long way to restoring trust, and unexpected gifts tell children that despite what they’ve been through, life still holds the possibility of sudden bursts of happiness. Thank you Knitting for the Needy.